Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sex Secret Emperor of China....

Na on Nei Jing Hua, medical book written more than 2,000 years ago, is still a reference for practitioners of traditional medicine of China, or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The book reveals the secrets of the emperor.

It had kept secret a long time to find a secret journal (1974) in the tomb of Emperor in Chang Sha Ma. At the opening of a journal written on bamboo parchment related sexuality. What are the secret?

There are seven things that must be avoided and the eight important things that a harmonious sexual life.

1. Pain due to rash and rude attitude during sex will cause pain in internal organs. So, slow course.
2. Symptoms of a cold sweat during sex. Be careful, there may be a physical problem.
3. Fatigue due to excessive sexual activity.
4. There is no power of sex or erectile dysfunction.
5. Attitudes to intimidate and anxiety.
6. Coercion or sexual intercourse without the consent of the couple would cause something unpleasant, especially for female couples.
7. Rash or too fast is an unpleasant condition for both partners. This must be avoided.

Here are eight things that should be maintained either:
1. Maintain Qi (energy). After getting out of bed, do exercises to strengthen the spine / back and relaxing the body back. Train the anus so that the energy for contraction in downward flow.

2. Swallow saliva. Regularly swallow their own saliva and make sure your breath and stay calm.

3. Take the time to have sex and does warm-up to both parties feel comfortable.

4. Accumulation of energy. During sex, couples should relax the body and the back of her anus contract.

5. Sexual intercourse can not force, must be soft / slow.

6. Penetration must be held gently and slowly. Sometimes, stop for a moment so that couples can enjoy the sensation of a woman completely delicious.

7. When she almost reached the climax, the man must bend my back to back. After ejaculation, the penis should not be revoked immediately.

8. The penis must be withdrawn before the fully softened and should be cleaned after that.

Sex secrets of ancient China as stipulated in the Nei Jing Hua include the following:
- Both partners must be adequately stimulated.
- Do not have sex if one does not want that.
- Washing and bathing after sex.
- Sex life should run mediocre.

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